About Us

The Trust was founded during 2015 by current trustee, Dr. Hugo Meyer van den Berg. The main object of the Trust is to promote education and research in African mining and energy law in general and specifically education and research in Namibian mining and energy law. In line with the general object, it also supports education and research in various other areas of law which directly or indirectly influence mining and energy law. These are: property law; labour law; environmental law; health and safety law; corporate social responsibility; and royalties and taxation.

In order to achieve its objects, the Mineral and Energy Law Trust provides financial assistance, support and advice where possible in the form of loans, bursaries, grants or donations (monetary or otherwise) to the beneficiaries. The Trust also supports projects which contribute towards research and knowledge in African mining and energy law and related fields, especially projects which will contribute towards the development of Namibia and Namibians as a whole.